What are the characteristics of stainless steel copper plated plate?

stainless steel copper plated plate

Stainless steel copper-plated plate is a kind of bronze metal finish, which is noble and elegant, retro and nostalgic, and is often used in antique decoration.

Stainless steel copper-plated plate is to coat a layer of copper on stainless steel to make it look like copper metal. However, compared with copper, the cost of stainless steel copper-plated plate is only one-third of that of real copper. The specific cost is low and superior. The advantages of stainless steel performance and good decorative effect.

The styles of stainless steel copper-plated plates are also very rich. The surface can be brushed, mirrored, chaotic, etc., and can be used to make old crafts. Red bronze, yellow bronze, green bronze and so on are often made. Due to the good texture and gloss of stainless steel, it can be processed into a good antique decorative effect. Stainless steel copper plate has excellent oxidation resistance, is not easy to corrode, and has a very long service life.

The Beauty of Bronze Metal Finish

Bronze metal finish is a popular choice for surface decoration in various industries. It is a beautiful and classic finish that exudes elegance and sophistication. As a supplier of decorative surfaces, we take pride in offering high quality bronze metal finish that meets the needs and expectations of our customers.

Advanced Techniques for High Quality Finishes

At our company, we use advanced technologies and techniques to create bronze metal finishes that are both durable and visually stunning. Our team of experts is dedicated to producing surfaces that meet the highest standards of quality, so you can be confident in the finished product.

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