Stainless Steel Stamping Sheet

Uncover the Artistry of Stainless Steel Stamping Sheet: Let your imagination soar as you transform this versatile material into stunning masterpieces.


Stamped stainless steel sheets in our range


Unleash elegance with 5WL stainless steel decorative sheets. Elevate your space with stunning textures and timeless allure.
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Experience sophistication with 6WL stainless steel decorative panels. Elevate your design with captivating patterns and sleek aesthetics
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Unleash innovation with honeycomb stainless steel sheet. Elevate your projects with modern texture and structural strength.
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Elevate elegance with raindrop stainless steel sheet. Embrace unique texture and contemporary charm for stunning designs.
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Product Parameters

Conventional Size

1219*2438mm /1219*3048mm   

Customized size

Material Type

Stainless Steel  201 / 304 /316 /316L

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Thickness Size


Or custom thickness

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Stamping stainless steel sheet applications

Building facade

Stamped stainless steel decorative panels are often used for building facade decoration, giving buildings a modern and unique appearance. They can be applied to various building types such as high-rise buildings, commercial centers, hotels, etc.

Interior decoration

Stamping stainless steel sheet are also widely used in interior decoration. For example, it can be used for wall decoration, partition, ceiling, stair railing, etc., bringing a modern and artistic atmosphere to the interior space.

Exhibition display

Stamping stainless steel sheet are also widely used in exhibition and display occasions. They can be used in exhibition booths, display walls, exhibit display racks, etc., to attract the attention of the audience and display excellent display effects.

Why choose our stainless steel plate?


Our stainless steel plates are manufactured with high quality materials to ensure durability and long service life.


We offer a variety of texture and pattern options including 6WL, 5WL and honeycomb and raindrop design panels to make your project unique.

Wide application

The stainless steel sheet can be applied in indoor and outdoor decoration, architecture, furniture and other creative design fields, adding unique modernity and style to your projects.


We can customize stainless steel plates in different sizes and thicknesses according to your needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your project.

About Stamping Stainless Steel Sheet

Stamped stainless steel plate is a kind of stainless steel material processed by stamping process, which has a wide range of application fields and unique advantages. Stamping is a common metal forming process that molds stainless steel sheets into various shapes and structures by applying pressure and strain to them.

Stamped stainless steel sheets are widely used in construction, interior decoration, furniture making, automobile industry, electronic equipment, home appliances and other fields. Its superior appearance, corrosion resistance, strength and precision make it an ideal choice for functionality and more.

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