Antique Stainless Steel Sheets

A variety of specifications, price advantage, quality assurance. Support customization. Brushed bronze stainless steel sheet finish is used for color treatment on the surface of stainless steel to make the appearance more beautiful, and it can also improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the stainless steel brushed brass finish. Ferosteel also provides Antique Copper stainless steel plate Fabrication like Bending, Welding etc.

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FEROSTEEL is an ideal choice for you looking for a supplier of stainless steel decorative sheets. We are a supplier factory located in Foshan, Guangdong, China, focusing on providing stainless steel decorative sheets with high quality, higher precision and reasonable price. Through strict quality control, advanced manufacturing process and comprehensive service, we ensure that our products are always in the leading position in terms of quality, cost and reliability.


Custom Antique Stainless Steel Plate

A variety of specifications, price advantage, quality assurance, Support customization.

Brushed bronze stainless steel finish is used for color treatment on the surface of stainless steel to make the appearance more beautiful, and it can also improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the brass stainless steel sheet finish. Ferosteel also provides Antique stainless steel sheets Fabrication like Bending, Welding etc.

Antique Stainless Steel Sheets

FEROSTEEL not only has antique copper and stainless steel plates, but also PVD color, etching, mirror, etc. are also very popular in the application and market. The use of antique copper and stainless steel in many projects is also very common, and the maintenance cost in later use is also very high. Inexpensive, can greatly reduce the cost. Antique copper and stainless steel has a beautiful appearance, strong texture, rich colors, and is easy to scrub and clean.

Antique Copper Plate Style

These Decorative Antique brass finish on steel Sheets are standardized and professionally monitored under strict technical observations before being delivered to you worldwide with the finest and exceptional quality.

What Is Antique Stainless Steel Sheets

Application Scenarios

Antiqued Stainless Steel Sheet is a new finish developed to meet the diverse needs of architects around the world. Antique Copper stainless steel Plate finishes were developed as an alternative to antique bronze sheets.

Antique Copper Stainless Steel Plate is a great alternative to expensive copper material. Mainly used in hotels, large shopping malls, wealthy clubs, colorful bars, KTV, display cabinets, interior decoration, hardware appliances, kitchen and bathroom appliances, cabinet panels, elevator decoration, ceilings, aisles, advertising signs, etc.

Ferosteel Main Advantage

Elevate your decor with Antique Bronze stainless steel sheets, adding timeless charm and durability to your space.

Antique Copper Plate Production Control

Stainless Steel Surface Finish

  • Prepare the stainless steel plate and the copper solution. Stainless steel plates should be clean and free of grease, dust or other impurities.
  • To finish the surface processing, the copper coating needs to be cleaned to remove surface dirt and copper ion residue.

  • We will be antique copper stainless steel plate processing, such as polishing, cutting, punching and so on, in order to meet customer requirements. At the same time we have professional equipment and technology.

High Quality Control Products

  • Material selection: Select high-quality stainless steel plate and copper material for corrosion resistance and physical properties.
  • Process control: Control copper layer thickness and uniformity, and ensure firm connection with stainless steel plate.
  • Surface treatment: Polish and clean surface to ensure smoothness, cleanliness, and flawlessness.
  • Quality inspection: Strictly inspect appearance, size, and corrosion resistance to ensure product quality meets requirements.

More Additional Services

Antique Copper Stainless Steel Plate: Used in various applications such as: jewelry stores, signage, interior decoration, exterior decoration, door paneling, shopping malls, airports and restaurants, villas, farmhouses, resorts and various decorative uses.



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Elevator custom colored mirror finish.

Product Recommendation

For different visual effects and application purposes, there are a variety of types of decorative stainless steel sheet. All of them can bring you added value, such as aesthetic appearance, corrosion resistance, durability, and more. But different options of surface finishes provide different properties, performances, and processing costs, so it’s so critical to consider your specific needs when choosing the suitable surface finishes for your stainless steel sheet.

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Antique copper stainless steel sheets

Customer FAQ

Q: How would you support us if we had a stainless steel project?

A: For stainless steel material, we keep 5000 tons of stock per day for daily use. For indoor and outdoor stainless steel decoration, our various decorative stainless steel pattern plates will widely meet your needs. For sheet metal processing or stainless steel processing, our team of 6 engineers and laser cutting machines, bending machines, slotting machines, etc. are always ready to customize according to your drawings or project requirements.

Q: Are samples available?

A: Of course, free samples are always available to confirm the quality.

Q: How can we order? How much do you get paid?

A: You can place an order after confirming our quality and specification. T/T, L/C, Credit Card and PayPal are all acceptable. Welcome to get to know me with our sales manager.

Q: Is it possible for you to accept small orders?

A: No problem, we have no minimum order. We will do our best to support you. Your growth is our growth.

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