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13+ Years Of Experience In Stainless Steel Finishes And Fabrication.We have cooperated with 300+ designers and more than 100+ decoration contractors worldwide.Do you want to find a professional adviser for how to using the most popular design?

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Unique technology, ancient hand-forged hammer copper plate, water effect water ripple decorative plate, antique copper plate and elevator decorative plate, high-end customization, understanding of designers' ideas and design concepts, show the effect. 24 hours online contact for you to provide customized services

Why Ferosteel Is Your Best Choice?

With 13 years of industry experience, with perfect supply chain integration capabilities, it can provide customers with one-stop stainless steel procurement services, and provide artistic stainless steel innovation and overall solutions for global elevator decoration, construction engineering decoration, home appliance furniture and other customers.

Project Experience

Both in personal cases solution and project construction, Ferosteel has professional guidance and experience.

What Ferosteel Can Do For You?

Think from the customer’s point of view, and ultimately satisfy both the customer and the company

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Material Inspection

  • The materials and everything used in production must meet our quality standards before they can become part of Ferosteel products.
  • Every point of the material is checked under supervision to avoid any interference in quality.
  • If a material does not meet the requirements, it will not proceed to the next stage.

Product Quality Control

  • After the quality assurance is passed, the product enters the final stage.
  • A professional team will focus on testing products according to the problems that can occur in the product.
  • Any product shall not leave the warehouse without qualification test

Foshan Ferosteel Steel Co., Ltd. is located in Chencun, Shunde, a stainless steel manufacturing base. The company covers an area of more than 6,000 square meters. Ferosteel Steel is committed to becoming a powerful metal surface processing service provider, providing high-quality artistic stainless steel innovation and overall quality for elevator decoration, construction engineering decoration, home appliance furniture and other industry partners across the country and the world. solution.

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