The Hilton hotel project wall panels in Yangon, Myanmar.

design wall panels

Yangon is Myanmar’s largest city, and our client has partnered with Sheraton to create the most luxurious hotel in the area, setting a new standard in the tourism industry. We need to create a stainless steel curtain wall for the main entrance that impresses guests as soon as they arrive.” This revision uses active voice, making it more concise and straightforward while maintaining the intended meaning.

Our discussions with the client began in September 2018. Through the guidance of our sincere and professional sales team, we gained the client’s favor and stood out among numerous suppliers. Ultimately, we signed a formal cooperation contract with the client. To improve readability and clarity, we aim to keep our sentence length to a maximum of 25 words.

In 2019, we dispatched our professional designers to Yangon, Myanmar to measure on-site, confirm installation techniques, and discuss other details with the client.

Drawing style

After measuring and reviewing for two days, we created a design and produced a wall segmentation map to ensure accuracy. We used a champagne gold brushed stainless steel panel on the outside and a honeycomb panel adhesive on the inside to produce the wall panels that strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Once we produced the wall panels, we verified the dimensions against the drawings, packed them in wooden boxes, and shipped them directly to the site to ensure that customers received the stainless steel wall sheets intact and ready for installation.

product installation

We also provided installation instructions for the on-site workers to easily install the panels in sequence from the wooden boxes.

Our team of professionals is committed to producing top-quality stainless steel wall panels and enhancing your project.

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