Colored stainless steel for architectural decoration, quality first.
Made from true grade 304 stainless steel, it is available in over 50 colors.
Prevent damage with stainless steel plate
0.6-1.2mm thickness is recommended

Rugged and dent resistant.

Custom metal decorative sheets

professional team to provide cutting, folding, and other services.
Dimensions 1200 x 2,400 mm.
Dimensions 1200 x 3000 mm.
Thickness 0.3-3.0mm (normal thickness plate)
Elegant, durable, modern
There are more than 50 stainless steel colors.
The colored stainless steel of “Ferosteel Stainless Steel” (Ferosteel Stainless Steel) is made of pure grade 304 stainless steel material, titanium coating – PVD coating. Reinforces the stainless steel skin. It is very corrosion resistant. It produces various colors on the stainless steel plate, although for a long time, the color does not fade, does not slide into the sheet like other types of electroplating, and can also be used outside the building. Currently, it is considered the best metal surface coating.
Applying such a technology to stainless steel is an environmentally friendly stainless steel coating process that can be recycled endlessly back for use in other industries. It is considered a future decorative material (decorative material of the future world) that combines aesthetics and rigidity with another material.

Choose from 8 surfaces in stainless steel

Start a custom artifact.

Commonly Used Steel Grade

>>Stainless Steel 304

Composition: 18% chromium, 8% nickel


  • Excellent corrosion resistance in different environments including atmospheric conditions, chemical environments, and marine.
  • Good formability and weldability.
  • It is easy to fake and machine easily.
  • For food processing, kitchen use, and architecturally oriented projects.

>>Stainless Steel 316L

Composition: 16-18% chromium, 10-14% nickel, 2-3% molybdenum


  • Enhanced corrosion resistance, particularly in chloride environments (e.g., marine applications).
  • Excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion.
  • Good weldability, but may require post-weld annealing in certain applications.
  • Used in chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment.

Other Grade

>>Stainless Steel 201

  • Austenitic stainless steel with reduced nickel content.
  • Lower cost alternative to 304, with similar corrosion resistance.
  • Used in cookware, appliances, and decorative applications.

>>Stainless Steel 430

  • Ferritic stainless steel.
  • Good corrosion resistance, but less than 304 and 316.
  • Often used in appliances, automotive trim, and architectural applications.

Super Mirror Series

Mirror stainless steel sheets: a fusion of modern sophistication and timeless charm. Unique surface treatment creates a mirror-like sheen, making them a sought-after choice for architecture and interior decor. Exceptional corrosion resistance and outstanding reflectivity make these panels uniquely eye-catching.

Hairline Series

Hairline stainless steel decorative sheets, with unique textures created through professional Hairline techniques, offer a modern and luxurious feel. Beyond corrosion resistance, they infuse artistic ambiance, making them a distinctive choice for architecture and interior design.

Deep Brush Series

Deep Brush stainless steel sheets showcase a sophisticated brushed finish, elevating aesthetics with a refined texture. Ideal for architectural and interior design, combining durability with elegance.

Sanding Series

Sandblasted stainless steel sheets stand out with a unique surface treatment. The refined matte texture adds a modern touch while preserving stainless steel’s corrosion resistance. Ideal for stylish and durable applications in architecture and interior design.

Antique Series

Antique stainless steel sheets radiate timeless charm with a weathered patina. Perfect for modern or traditional designs, they blend durability with nostalgic elegance, adding character to any space.

3D Wave Series

Water ripple stainless steel sheets bring dynamic design to spaces. Crafted with precision, the rippling surface combines corrosion resistance with an artistic touch. Ideal for diverse applications, including captivating ceiling designs.

Embossed and Stamping

Stainless steel Embossed and Stamping products are commonly used in decorative, home improvement and engineering projects. They give stainless steel products a unique appearance, quality and product characteristics, suitable for a variety of industrial, commercial and personal uses

Vibration Series

Vibration stainless steel combines texture and modern flair. With dynamic vibrations on the surface, it’s an ideal choice for unique and contemporary architectural and interior designs, adding depth and style.

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