The Attractiveness of Antiqued Copper Stainless Steel Trim Plates!

Talking about why customers choose antique copper stainless steel plate instead of real copper plate?

Antique copper and stainless steel decorative plates have advantages in many aspects, such as: cost performance/customization/machinability are far superior to real copper plates, so many customers choose to use antique copper and stainless steel decorative plates for their own project/project decoration, High cost performance and good quality assurance.

Antique Finish stainless steel sheet
1.Selected Proper Origin High Quality Base Plate as Raw Materials.
2.Professional Copper Platting Techin Ensure Surface Finish and Durance.
3.18 Years’ Experiences and Detail Caring and Quality Control System
4. Sample According Special Color and Fully Project Supporting.
5. Fast and Due Time Delivery
Stainless Steel Coils-embossed stainless steel sheet and coil widely used in white good industry production, Industrial tanks, General Application Medical Instruments, Tableware, Kitchen utensil, kitchen ware, architectural purpose, Milk & Food processing facilities, Hospital Equipment, Bath-tub, Reflector, Mirror, Interior-Exterior decoration for building, Architectural purposes, escalators, kitchen ware etc.

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