Designing elevator door sheet with innovative metal patterns

elevator door sheet
  • Location: City Center Hotel

  • Project Quantity: 16 floors

  • Completion time: 3 months

This stainless steel decorative sheet with PVD titanium gold etching mirror finish is applied to the elevator door sheet in the hotel building

Design goals and objectives

Elevate the sense of luxury: Create a luxurious and sophisticated hotel atmosphere by designing unique elevator door trim panels.
Emphasize the brand image: Integrate the customer’s brand elements and highlight the unique value and style of the brand.
Create Memorable Experiences: Design elevator door trims to impress hotel guests and tourists.

elevator stainless steel sheets

Requirements Analysis and Concept Development:

Work with clients to understand their brand image, hotel style and design preferences.
The customer provides the picture of the elevator decorative panel that he wants to make.

material selection:

Considering the durability, aesthetics and maintenance requirements, high-quality stainless steel is selected as the main material of the decorative panel, and the size and thickness required by the customer are used to provide high-standard services

high-quality stainless steel sheets


Work with a professional metalworking company to manufacture the final elevator door stainless steel trim sheets.
Ensure the precise installation of decorative panels to maintain the integrity of the design and seamlessly connect high-quality elevator stainless steel panels to customers.

About Elevator Door Stainless Steel Sheets

Colored etched stainless steel sheet can be used for elevator door sheet decoration, which is mainly composed of stainless steel material and various colors, with good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, pollution resistance, beautiful surface, easy to clean, can meet various design needs. In addition, colored etched stainless steel panel also has excellent heat resistance and good UV resistance.

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