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In Shaoguan Danxia Mountain, the only World Natural Heritage Site in Guangdong Province, 

Ferosteel people had a heart-warming trekking trip.

A Danxia Trip by water

As the saying goes, “If you don’t climb the mountain without sailing in the river, you’ve been to Danxia Mountain in vain”. So the Ferosteel people took a cruise to see the magnificent Danxia scenery on both sides of the river. The breeze brushed the boat, bringing a slight chill. Along with the boat driver’s colorful explanation, the Thumb Peak, the Elephant Herding Boy and the Yang Yuan Rock came into view one by one.


“A life without fireworks seems like a lonely journey.”

Eating the grilled meat that became charred and oily after the charcoal fire, we talked and laughed so much.

After a nice and full meal, we played interesting social games such as cards, werewolf and truth or dare. In the hot atmosphere of the games, the non-Rotary team became closer and more united with each other.

NAN HUA TEMPLE, here we come

Nan Hua Temple is known as “the first treasure temple in Eastern Guangdong”, Ferosteel people come with fate, with the heart and to, a pure land, three columns of incense. We are with a devout heart, praying for blessings and making wishes. May all that we ask for be what we wish for, may all that we hope for be what we expect, and may all the good things come as expected.

We clock in the most beautiful railroad


Shaoguan’s most beautiful railroad, also known as the time tunnel. The moment you step into the woods, time stops passing. In the whole world, only the lush green in front of you, the dappled light on the ground, the crisp birdsong in your ears, the endless railroad in the distance, and the incomparably lovely you ……

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