Focus on a new journey, the company moved to a new starting point


Warm congratulations to ferosteel Co., Ltd for officially moving to 2607-2609, Floor 26, Expo Financial Center, 38 Fen Jiangnan Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City on 23 June 2022. We’re having a big housewarming!

Work hard, innovate constantly, go through trials and tribulations, and forge a brand.

Since its establishment, Foshan Ferosteel Co., Ltd. has made brilliant achievements in the stainless steel industry step by step. With the further expansion of the company, the company will reach a new level in June 2022. On June 23, 2022, the company held a grand housewarming ceremony. On the same day, the company was particularly festive, with flower baskets, brocade clusters and banners flying, converging into a sea of celebration.

At the same time, we also welcome customers and friends to visit and guide! The new journey has begun, and feiruote will have a new look, better service, and enhance the competitiveness of the whole people. We dedicated to using stainless steel to decorate the colorful world!


Ferosteel New Operating Center


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