High-end hand-hammered copper plate of Meaningful

hammered copper plate

Extraordinary beauty, swayed by hammer marks. The hand-hammered copper plate is made of pure hand-forged technology, showing a unique texture beauty. Irregular or regular patterns, highlighting high-end restaurants, hotels and clubs as tasteful decorations, more unique charm.

Each hand-hammered copper panel has its own unique texture and beautiful finish that subtly enhances the depth and detail of any interior space. The hand-hammered copper plates have an exceptionally elegant class, and their beauty will stand out in any setting.

About Hand-made Hammered Copper Plate

The high-grade texture of the hand-made hammered copper plate is a vivid embodiment of advocating the spirit of craftsman. Every coppersmith injects the spirit and soul of the craftsman into each work, and strives to polish each work beyond the peers to be more outstanding. At the same time, its long service life makes your investment more valuable.

Overall, the unique grain and texture of the hand-hammered copper plate will add a lot of depth and detail to your venue, it is an ideal decoration for high-end restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc. Each copper plate has been carefully crafted, not only a product, but also a work of art. Here, we feel the eager pursuit of the craftsman spirit.

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