How do we gain the trust of our customers?

Foshan Ferosteel is a professional metal decorative material supply chain specialist. We are famous for providing high quality stainless steel sheets, especially the unique decorative stainless steel sheets. Recently, I received an email from UAE, a customer expressed his wish to choose our company as his long-term supplier.

He is the owner of a large construction trading company who was looking for a stainless steel supplier who would suit them and be able to fulfill their needs in a long term and stable relationship. In the early stages of establishing contact with him, he did not disclose his needs, and we were still in the trust-building stage. Until late May, he came to China, and we invited him to visit our company and factory to learn more about our company profile and main products. We visited our factory on the spot, from production to quality control, to packing and shipping, to understand our production process. This is not only to verify the quality of our products with their own eyes, but also to gain a deeper understanding of the strength and service level of their future partners.

During the visit, he noticed that every stainless steel sheet is finely processed with smooth surface and smooth workmanship. During the visit of the copper-plating process, there is a copper-plated sheet with defects, he asked, this kind of defective sheet, how will you deal with it? I told him, after each process, we will carry out detailed quality inspection, and will never let unqualified products into the next process, he listened to this and expressed his approval and recognition of our approach, which is very consistent with their company’s high standard requirements for building materials.

At the end of the visit, we had an in-depth conversation with him back at the office. We discussed the specific details of the cooperation. He had never been involved in coloured decorative sheets before, and he wanted to broaden his business scope. As we are experts in coloured stainless steel decorative panels, we shared with him the business market of coloured decorative panels and recommended him the popular products in the market. He appreciated our professional attitude and sincere willingness to cooperate with us. He said: ‘You not only provide us with high quality materials, but also give us constructive suggestions for the future development of our company. Such a partner is exactly what we need.”

Through this customer trust journey, our business philosophy has been further strengthened: to insist on providing high-quality products, offering professional services, and meeting customer needs. 

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