Stainless Steel Brushed Copper Plated Antique Copper Plate Introduction

Popular science stainless steel brushed antique copper plate:

Stainless steel water-plated bronze: 


① wire drawing (there are machine wire drawing and manual wire drawing). 

② Copper plating with water. 

③ Nano oil (Nano oil must be applied within 12 hours after water plating). 

Water-plated copper stainless steel plate [The effect produced is very similar to real copper in color, but the surface must be brushed or snowflake sanded or etched to be copper-plated, otherwise it will not be colored. Nano oil (bright oil or matt oil) must be finished within 12 hours after water plating, otherwise the surface will be oxidized, so the material will be waste. The biggest disadvantage of water copper plating: nano oil is the only protective layer to protect copper plating, if the surface nano oil is scraped off, the scratched place will oxidize and rust.

Stainless steel nano-oil-plated bronze decorative sheet 【Procedure】

①Ordinary sand. 

②Water-plated black titanium. 

③Machine drawing or hand drawing 

④: Nano color oil (the color oil is matte, and varnish cannot be done, so the bronze plate made of nano oil color oil is matte). 

Nano-color oil copper plating must be water-plated with black titanium first, because water-plated black titanium is used as the basic background color. Nano color oil can be adjusted to a copper color, but the copper color is not so bright. The advantage is that after the nano oil is scratched, the plate will not rust due to oxidation. 

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