Stainless steel copper plating are well received in the decoration

“Copper” has always given people the feeling of high-end atmosphere and high-grade. In order to meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent, the stainless steel industry has also developed and produced stainless steel processed copper-plated products. Stainless steel processed copper-plated products are not only deeply loved by customers , It has received rave reviews in the decoration industry.

1. The price of stainless steel imitation copper plate (including processing fee) is usually only about 1/3 of the price of real copper;

2. The stainless steel imitation copper plate can make surface effects such as 8K, wire drawing, sandblasting, chaotic pattern, blackening, etc., and the patterned plate such as embossing and etching can also be plated with copper;

3. The colors of the stainless steel imitation copper plate include green bronze, red bronze, brass, old bronze, etc., and can also be colored according to customer needs!

Therefore, stainless steel antique copper is widely used in stainless steel decoration, and it is a representative of high, large and superior!

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