unique design and application of water ripple stainless steel ceiling

In 2022, the hotel project decided to renovate the decor of the flagship hotel. In order to attract guests and enhance the luxurious atmosphere, the design team chose the water ripple stainless steel ceiling as a unique design element.

Design Concept

Ripple Stainless Steel Ceiling is a finishing material that features a smooth undulating pattern that adds vibrancy and a unique aesthetic to any space. The team believes this design element will create an elegant and striking visual effect that complements the hotel’s overall design style.


Determine the main area to install the water ripple stainless steel ceiling.
Determine the quantity: 100 sheets.
Dimensions: Each panel measures 1200mm x 600mm.
Design and Customization:

Customize the design and quantity of the ceiling according to the size and requirements of the lobby.

Material preparation and processing:

Sourcing high quality stainless steel material.
Precision cutting, bending and molding are performed to create the water ripple pattern.

display results:

After the installation, the hotel has undergone an amazing transformation. The water-ripple stainless steel ceiling shone charmingly against the ambient light, creating a luxurious and modern atmosphere.

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