Brief introduction of stainless steel copper plate

1. Application of copper-plated stainless steel plate products:

Household goods, hardware, electronics, aviation, construction, building materials, chemical industry, food, industry, architectural decoration, luxury doors, elevator decoration, metal box shell, mechanical equipment shell, shipbuilding, train interior, and outdoor engineering, advertising nameplates, Cabinet ceiling, aisle board, screen, tunnel engineering, hotel, lobby interior and exterior walls, kitchen equipment, etc.


2. Product performance of stainless steel copper plated plate:


The surface is bright, smooth, and shiny, with a plus or minus tolerance of 1C; non-magnetic or slightly magnetic; strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust capabilities!


3. Functional description of stainless steel copper plated plate:


Beautiful appearance and various uses


Good corrosion resistance, longer life than ordinary steel


good corrosion resistance


Due to its high strength, this sheet can be used


Resistant to high temperature oxidation and high strength, so it can be processed at room temperature, i.e. easy to process plastics


Simple maintenance since no surface treatment is required


clean, high finish


Good weldability.

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