Application of FEROSTEEL colored stainless steel sheets in the decoration of Hilton Hotel

colored stainless steel

Hilton Hotel’s requirements for interior and exterior decoration emphasize uniqueness and luxury.
The key reasons why non-special colored stainless steel materials are chosen as decorative elements include its aesthetics, durability and customizability.

Application of Feiruo special color stainless steel material

  1. Lobby decoration: 200 square meters of non-special colored stainless steel wall sheets are applied in the decoration of the hotel lobby, showing a sense of grandeur and modernity.
  2. Outdoor landscape: Five non-special colored stainless steel door casings and water ripple decorative sheets ceilings are used in the outdoor landscape of the hotel, leaving a deep impression on people.

Project Outcomes and Effects

A. Sense of luxury and uniqueness: Through the use of non-special color stainless steel materials, the luxury and uniqueness of Hilton Hotel has been successfully shaped, leaving a deep impression on guests.
B. Visual impact and attractiveness: The unique texture and glossiness of color stainless steel decorative sheets bring visual impact to people, increase the attractiveness of the decoration, and attract more guests.
C. Durability and easy maintenance: non-special color stainless steel has excellent durability and is easy to clean and maintain, which reduces maintenance costs and maintains a long-lasting decorative effect.

decorative stainless steel sheets

A. Summarize the project case: review the quantity, application effect and project results of non-color stainless steel materials in the interior and exterior decoration of Hilton Hotel, and highlight its fit with the hotel image.
B. Emphasize the success factors: emphasize the success factors of non-special color stainless steel materials in enhancing the image of the hotel, creating a sense of luxury and attracting customers.

The exterior walls and main entrance claddings of several hotels under our umbrella located in Bangkok, Thailand, Hanoi, Vietnam, and Singapore all use colored stainless steel materials supplied by ferosteel Special Steel Industry. Part of the material is applied with PVD technology, and the other part is made of water ripple finish with stamping technology and fine grinding mirror technology, which is very suitable for our decoration style. Their after-sales service is very good, very satisfied. We are considering applying their other finishes to other projects under construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose FEROSTEEL colored stainless steel material as hotel decoration elements?

FEROSTEEL color stainless steel material has a unique appearance and modern feel, which can add luxury and uniqueness to hotel decoration and attract the attention of guests.

What are the advantages of ferosteel colored stainless steel material in hotel decoration?

Ferosteel colored stainless steel material has the advantages of strong durability, easy cleaning and maintenance, strong visual impact and attractiveness, which can enhance the hotel’s brand image and customer experience.

How about the price of FEROSTEEL colored stainless steel material?

The price of FEROSTEEL colored stainless steel material varies by material, color and custom request. Generally, they are relatively high-end, but their uniqueness and durability make them a high-value investment.

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