Application of FEROSTEEL colored stainless steel sheets in the decoration of Hilton Hotel

Hilton Hotel’s requirements for interior and exterior decoration emphasize uniqueness and luxury.The key reasons why non-special colored stainless steel materials are chosen as decorative elements include its aesthetics, durability and customizability. Application of Feiruo special color stainless steel material Project Outcomes and Effects A. Sense of luxury and uniqueness: Through the use of non-special color […]

unique design and application of water ripple stainless steel ceiling


In 2022, the hotel project decided to renovate the decor of the flagship hotel. In order to attract guests and enhance the luxurious atmosphere, the design team chose the water ripple stainless steel ceiling as a unique design element. Design Concept Ripple Stainless Steel Ceiling is a finishing material that features a smooth undulating pattern […]

The Hilton hotel project wall panels in Yangon, Myanmar.

Yangon is Myanmar’s largest city, and our client has partnered with Sheraton to create the most luxurious hotel in the area, setting a new standard in the tourism industry. We need to create a stainless steel curtain wall for the main entrance that impresses guests as soon as they arrive.” This revision uses active voice, […]

Stainless Steel Elevator Sheet Decorative Elevator -Ferosteel

Recently, we received feedback from a customer that the stainless steel elevator sheet customized from our company had been installed in the elevator. The installation pictures were also sent, and the customer was very satisfied with our product. The customer said that the decoration effect of the elevator was very good, and the panels were […]

Stainless steel decoration Hotel Project Case

stainless steel decoration applied to the hotel Hotel application materials: a variety of stainless steel decorative panels: such as titanium stainless steel decorative panels, brushed antique copper stainless steel panels, etc. Stainless steel baseboard, stainless steel door cover, stainless steel mirror frame, stainless steel mirror screen, laser hollow screen, control screen, stainless steel stair railing, […]

colored stainless steel for projects

FEROSTEEL colored stainless steel has been focusing on stainless steel materials for many years, and has experience in the application of color stainless steel in many industries. It can provide customers with high-quality stainless steel decoration materials. FEROSTEEL color stainless steel is the choice for stainless steel decoration in clubs! Let’s take a look at […]

KTV lobby ceiling decoration project

In combination with the luxurious gold and magnificent decor, we use steel panels made of PVD gold color coatig in textured steel to make the lobby even more imposing of stainless steel decorative sheet Ferosteel KTV Stainless Steel Decorative Sheets Project The KTV lobby ceiling decoration project is a perfect choice for creating an impressive […]

Ceiling project with water ripple effect sheet

The water ripple ceiling project uses a very trendy water ripple stainless steel sheet as a finishing touch to the entire space. About water ripple ceiling The water ripple effect sheet is a perfect choice for ceiling projects, which can create an elegant, modern atmosphere. The sheet is made of copper plated stainless steel, which […]

Copper Plated Stainless Steel Sheet for Architectural Applications


The copper plated stainless steel sheet is perfect for elevators, providing superior corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and pollution resistance for a luxurious, modern look that is sure to impress passengers. The elevator car sheet with copper plated stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, pollution resistance, beautiful surface, easy to clean, and can meet […]

Designing elevator door sheet with innovative metal patterns

This stainless steel decorative sheet with PVD titanium gold etching mirror finish is applied to the elevator door sheet in the hotel building Design goals and objectives Elevate the sense of luxury: Create a luxurious and sophisticated hotel atmosphere by designing unique elevator door trim panels.Emphasize the brand image: Integrate the customer’s brand elements and […]